This was a good read on the signature shoe of former NBA superstar Allen Iverson and what makes he and his first shoe so iconic. The shoe released today and sold out at very select Reebok retailers. This article is a Q&A with Reebok Vice President Todd Krinsky and he explains how people traveled to find the shoe when it first released and how it sold evenly in urban inner-city markets and suburbia alike.  He also implies how Iverson’s attitude of being himself as well as his heart on the court transcended several demographics to inspire a generation.  It’s also implied that this led many of today’s younger players to wear the tattoos, headbands and cornrows you see now.  Krinsky also explains how moving forward Iverson is very much involved in the business and he understands how he works in several markets locally and internationally.  Enough of us writing just read the article here.


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