The Occupy movement has found a new target: the Central City Association or CCA.  The CCA is the driving force behind the development of many of Downtown L.A.’s Loft property.  Many organizations feel that these developments have come (and are coming) about at the expense of the homeless and Skid Row areas.  Many of the Occupy organizations say that the homeless population in Downtown are being targeted because they are African-American.  Occupy organizations are sitting outside the CCA headquarters starting this past Tuesday and this will last for seven days (info). Read the full article here.  A few interesting quotes below:

This is not occupation, this a siege that will last six more days. I guess you can say because of the pattern practices and policies that the Central City Association continues to push on the residents of Skid Row to their detriment to benefit developers and their clientele.

Homeless people have been targeted to remove them. It’s ethnic cleansing because a majority of them are African American.

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