Hammer Museum’s ‘Made in L.A.’: Three Artists’ Journeys to L.A.’s New Biennial via LA WEEKLY

A cool article we ran across today in LA Weekly.  This particular excerpt resonated with us as the team skimmed over it and ultimately made each of us double back and read the entire thing.  The excerpt is below:

The epigraph to the “Made in L.A.” catalog essay, from urban planner Ed Soja, begins, “Everywhere seems also to be in Los Angeles,” and the five curators titled their co-written essay “Los Angeles Is Everywhere.”

This city’s art “deviates” from norms, they suggest; it collides “myth and experience,” feeds on “transnational experience,” welcomes “contamination.”

L.A. art starts to sound like contagion, infecting the rest of the world with chaotic creativity, and then wooing the world’s artists to L.A.

Read the full article here.

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