A Kind of Guise Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook ” Viva la Mexico”

We have always had great interest in the country of Mexico. With its mystically charged culture, it seemed appealing and very interesting and it was clear to us that at some point we wanted to use these influences and work with them. Unfortunately a journey to Mexico wasn’t foreseeable in the near future, but fate took its turn and in a different context, we once again got in touch with the country’s history and traditions.

During the course of preparations for an upcoming exhibition at the “Weltkulturen Museum” of Frankfurt, it was once again the Mexican artefacts that caught our attention the most while wandering the Museum’s archives. This experience, paired with our growing collection of photographs and imagery from Mexico that we had already gathered from books and other media, brought us to the decision that our next summer collection should run under the title “Viva La Mexico”.

Once we made that decision, of course the process of creating the collection had to follow. It soon became evident that next to the history and culture of Mexico, its nature would play an important part in creating the overall look of the collection. Being a country with desert-like areas as well as rain forests and the ocean, this diversity had to be taken into account somehow. We tried to translate this diversity into the collection mainly in terms of the use of colours, by working with bleached and faded shades that still have an intense and strong feeling to them. All these different influences, together with our fantasy of what this country might look like in reality, brought us to the final outcome.

Nevertheless, the wish to visit the country one day exists more than ever. It will be interesting to compare the true Mexico to the one we build for ourselves in in the creative process that gave birth to this collection.Kind of Guise

See the lookbook from Munich based A Kind of Guise after the jump.

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