Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2013 – ‘Blood Rites’ [VIDEO]

This does contain some graphic imagery (razor blades and incisions) but is very interesting imagery nonetheless as various cultural traditions are explored:

This video is part of a month long residency at Weltkuren Museum exploring male initiation rituals. Sepik River scarfication in Papua New Guinea, Kayapo body art in Amazonia and UK teen rites – football, boxing and tattooing. I was particulary interested in the Sepik River – especiallythe relationship between the initiated boys and their maternal uncle (not father) who supports them throughout the painful ceremony. As in Kayapo culture it is this maternal uncle who also teaches the boys the skills and knowledge they need to make the transistion from boy to man. When I looked at UK culture I found no such traditions and when I spoke with male friends found that many struggled to think of a male role model when a teenager, only one of the 25 men I talked with said they saw their father or uncle as a role model. Instead they looked to sportsmen and muscians as inspirations of manhood.

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