HB TV: The Business of Building Brands with Dre Hayes [VIDEO]

HypeBeast sits with The Foundation co-founder Dre Hayes.  The Foundation is a leading brand development agency for many notables such as G-Shock, Keds, InCase, Gourmet, Native and more.  Video description below:

Four silver-foiled pillars are what embellish the front of the business card of The Foundation co-founder, Dre Hayes. Spearheading his New York-based team of self-professed, “Brand Architects,” alongside fellow co-founders Antwain, Ari and Daniel, The Foundation is one of the foremost brand development agencies today. Those within the industry have come to respect the labels that The Foundation represents because of the collective’s proven track record. Buyers and retailers have learned to place a substantial amount of trust in The Foundation, in faith that if the multi-faceted agency throws its weight behind a brand or label, it will likely be a hit on the sales floor as well. A trust that Hayes does not take lightly.

Perhaps it is Hayes’ inherent intuition towards being a well-versed curator of fashion and lifestyle that has guided the direction of The Foundation so well. Or, on the other hand, it could be his over 10-years in the sales industry that have afforded the company with a business proclivity that can often be found lacking in creative circles. For whatever reason it may be, Dre and his team have developed an arguably unmatched reputation for perfecting the ability to find good product, present it in the right way, and bring it to the right people. Three things that, while they may seem quintessential, are facets that many brands and retailers are in a constant search for.HypeBeast

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