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American Kids’ Education Hurt When Parents Are Deported [VIDEO]

Very interesting to see how immigrant’s lives affect their children who are citizens and their ability to pursue a quality education so they can actually contribute to society.  Check out this video we came across on CNN about how immigrants that are leaving due to the economy have to take their children back with them.

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Spain win Euro 2012, 4-0 over Italy [VIDEO]

If you weren’t paying attention to the Euro 2012 over the weekend…Spain won the championship convincingly over Italy.  Here is a recap CNN did on the championship game.  The people of Italy weren’t very thrilled about this defeat either.  Who did you expect to win the Euro 2012?

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Ukraine’s Euro 2012 Legacy via CNN [VIDEO]

Interesting to see that the Ukraine didn’t feel as connected to Europe until now.  Broadcaster Savik Shuster says by successfully co-hosting Euro 2012 Ukraine was brought closer to Europe.  Did anyone feel that they weren’t before…and if so why so?

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The Fall of Blackberry

If you haven’t heard, RIM, the makers of Blackberry are getting set to lay off 5000 employees and have to postpone the launch of their new operating system until next year.  After the announcement was made, iPhone celebrated its 5th birthday the following day.  Oh the irony…

Why do you think blackberry use has declined?

CNN has some other details related to decline of Blackberry here.

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Michelle Obama Urges Black Churchgoers to Get Out and Vote [VIDEO]

We think this was well played by the First lady Michelle Obama.  Many African-Americans that grow up and consistently take part in their community churches are very active in their communities and look to be a voice for their issues but don’t seem to be as active on the political side of things.  In the video Michelle Obama pleads that they make a more consistent effort to pay attention to be involved so that they can take more action and be better represented.  What do you think of Michelle’s plea?

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Sofitel Inspired by Its French Origins [VIDEO]

Sofitel CEO Robert Gaymer-Jones talks to CNN’s Max Foster about the company’s new labels and French origins.CNN

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Extra: New Yorkers Debate Obamacare [VIDEO]

In this Web exclusive, comedian John Fugelsang hits the streets outside Penn Station to ask New Yorkers what they think of the Affordable Care Act — aka, Obamacare — and what they know about the Supreme Court.Current TV

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President Obama Calls the Health Care Ruling a Victory for the People [VIDEO]

This was a huge splash in the news this morning as Obama announced the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obama’s health care reform.  This is a quick clip as the U.S. President calls this a huge victory for the people…you can search anywhere on the web today to find more details about this.  There are just as many people against this ruling as there are supporters so the news is everywhere.  Make sure to find out what’s happening with this.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the reform, good or bad.

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The Difference Between Hong Kong and the Rest of China [VIDEO]

CNN‘s Open Mic hit the streets of Hong Kong to find out from the Hong Kong residents what IS the difference between them and mainland China.  Check it out.

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London Firms Get Ready for 2012 Olympic Games Chaos [VIDEO]

There are always chances of disruptions and issues at the Olympics because of history between different countries and it is brought front and center in these sporting competitions, but does it seem like there seems to be more hype this year around the possibilities of some sort of chaos happening in London?

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