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American Kids’ Education Hurt When Parents Are Deported [VIDEO]

Very interesting to see how immigrant’s lives affect their children who are citizens and their ability to pursue a quality education so they can actually contribute to society.  Check out this video we came across on CNN about how immigrants that are leaving due to the economy have to take their children back with them.

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How Will the Eurozone Debt Crisis Affect Other Countries? [VIDEO]

As the local economies and industries look more and more into ways to expand globally it’s also very important to monitor how some of these global economies are changing both positive and negative.  For example this video via CNN discusses the eurozone debt and how other countries could be affected.

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Greek Election Could Determine the Euro Currency’s Fate [VIDEO]

CNN’s John Defterios talks to the head of Athens’ Chamber of Commerce about the stakes for business in Greek elections.CNN

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How Greeks in America Are Helping Greeks in Struggling Athens [VIDEO]

Watch the clip above via CNN to get some insight.

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Why the U.S. Can’t Afford to Ignore Latin America via CNN

Though President Obama believes that Latin America is a region on the move it seems the National Security think tank very much overlooked them.  CNN outlines three reasons that the United States needs to pay more attention to it’s southern neighbors.

Read the article here.

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Spain Newest Target of Eurozone Crisis?

According to CNN they are the new Greece.

The country is suffering from soaring borrowing costs, a banking system leaking cash and unemployment rates at devastating levels. CNN

Read the full article here.

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