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Spain win Euro 2012, 4-0 over Italy [VIDEO]

If you weren’t paying attention to the Euro 2012 over the weekend…Spain won the championship convincingly over Italy.  Here is a recap CNN did on the championship game.  The people of Italy weren’t very thrilled about this defeat either.  Who did you expect to win the Euro 2012?

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Ukraine’s Euro 2012 Legacy via CNN [VIDEO]

Interesting to see that the Ukraine didn’t feel as connected to Europe until now.  Broadcaster Savik Shuster says by successfully co-hosting Euro 2012 Ukraine was brought closer to Europe.  Did anyone feel that they weren’t before…and if so why so?

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England vs. Sweden EURO 2012 Match Captured in “Escape to Victory” Film [VIDEO]

ESCAPE TO VICTORY – England vs Sweden in Kiev from Beija Films on Vimeo.

As part of the launch of Paszport!, the football fanzine, Mother and The Rig Out ventured over to Kiev to the England Sweden Game to hand out copies of the magazine and find out what drives thousands of Englishmen to go abroad to watch their team underperform.

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Euro 2012 Dents European Box Office via CNN [VIDEO]

With the Euro 2012 going on it seems the TV ratings are up BUT the blockbuster summer movies are being affected.  Could it be because these competitions are more representative of the country and its pride compared to nations like the U.S. where many of the sporting events are treated like past times like a movie or concert?

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Tensions Flare During Russia vs Poland Game in Euro 2012

It was a day of howling sirens, blood-spattered pavement and the menacing thump of baton on riot shield as the warnings of violence before Poland’s game with Russia proved to be distressingly accurate. As 5,000 Russians marched through Warsaw to celebrate their country’s national day, they clashed with Polish hooligans.

Read more here.

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Platini says Refs Will Deal with Racists at Euro 2012 via CNN

Football stars upset by racist abuse at Euro 2012 must let match officials deal with the problem, insists UEFA president Michel Platini.

The buildup to the tournament, which kicks off in Warsaw on Friday, has been marred by reports highlighting incidents of racial violence in the East European nations. CNN

Pretty interesting that some of the very things like sports that brings people together can also be the largest platform for tearing people apart.  Read CNN’s article here.

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With feminist protesters from the Ukraine already having attempted snatching the Euro 2012 trophy and the topless protesters making other appearances already this year,  could the Olympics be a stage not only for the world’s athletes but the Europe’s numerous problems?  Click here to read what Frank Deford at Sports Illustrated thinks.  No guarantee but it is something to think about.

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