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American Kids’ Education Hurt When Parents Are Deported [VIDEO]

Very interesting to see how immigrant’s lives affect their children who are citizens and their ability to pursue a quality education so they can actually contribute to society.  Check out this video we came across on CNN about how immigrants that are leaving due to the economy have to take their children back with them.

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Supreme Court rejects Arizona’s Immigration Law…MOSTLY via CNN

So Arizona’s immigration stance, i.e. SB 1070 was rejected by the Supreme Court…well for the most part.  The most controversial part of the law however was not rejected.  This section of allows police to check people’s immigration status while enforcing other laws.  CNN has more about it here.

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LIMBO by Eliot Rausch + Phos Pictures

LIMBO from Eliot Rausch + Phos Pictures on Vimeo.

This 19 minute film exposes the lives of 3 undocumented students, living in the US without legal status. Never having touched a camera, the 3 students were gifted with a small handycam and trained for half a day by Lukas Korver and Matt B. Taylor. They were asked to film everyday for 3 months. Through their lens, this is their story.Rausch

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Extra: Could You Pass the Immigration Test? [VIDEO]

What they said…

Think it’s easy to become a U.S. citizen? Think again. “The War Room” guest host John Fugelsang hit the streets of San Francisco to see how well educated the locals are about U.S. history and politics using questions from the government’s citizenship test. Think you’d pass?Current TV

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Asians Fastest Growing Group in U.S., Fueled by Immigration via L.A. Times

A few of us saw this headline on the LA Times front page so we wanted to make sure we shared the article with all of you before the day was over.  Full article here.

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Granholm: Obama, Thank You for Keeping the Golden Door Open [VIDEO]

A proud citizen by choice, Jennifer Granholm lauds President Obama’s action against deporting undocumented young people for pragmatic and very personal reasons. Granholm says our diversity makes the U.S. a creative and innovative nation. “We are the only nation whose economy is built upon diversity… We are exceptional because of our unique melting pot, not in spite of it,” she says. Sharing her personal story of becoming a citizen, Granholm says she felt like an American from childhood.Current

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President Obama Responds to Man Who Interrupts His ‘Dream Speech’ [VIDEO]

While giving his Dream Act speech it seems a reporter there didn’t agree with Obama’s ideas.  And Obama didn’t really like it either…see his response after the jump.  Obviously there are some people that are NOT excited about immigration policies or reform.

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Why America Needs Immigrants via CNN

An interesting article on CNN we came across.  It’s in relation to the sprime-time special: “Global Lessons: The GPS Roadmap for Making Immigration Work” that will debut on CNN at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 10.  Read the full article here.

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Arizona’s War on Mexicans through 1070 SB via LA Weekly

An interesting and informative read courtesy of LA Weekly on the conditions of Mexicans (legal and illegal) in Arizona due to the 1070 Senate Bill.  Just by being Mexican, or appearing to be Latino the local authorities can basically pull you over (in very threatening manners) and question your right to be here.  And with it not looking like the Supreme Court is going to intervene soon, could other states follow suit?  Read the article here.

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