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Extra: ‘We Act Like 7-Year-olds Any Time Race is Involved’: Elon James White Talks Race and Comedy [VIDEO]

In this “Viewpoint” Web exclusive, comedian Elon James White, host of “Blacking it Up!” on TWIB.FM, and comedian John Fugelsang discuss how societal pressure to be politically correct impacts comedy, especially in terms of race.Current

We discussed this topic with Lil Duval, our video will be coming next week.  Stay tuned, but in the mean time let us know what you think about racially based comedy in the comments section.

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Extra: Could You Pass the Immigration Test? [VIDEO]

What they said…

Think it’s easy to become a U.S. citizen? Think again. “The War Room” guest host John Fugelsang hit the streets of San Francisco to see how well educated the locals are about U.S. history and politics using questions from the government’s citizenship test. Think you’d pass?Current TV

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The ‘Little b:’ Bisexuals Lag in Social Acceptance vs Homosexuals [VIDEO]

John Fugelsang says the bisexual community hasn’t shared in all the social progress made by the lesbian and gay communities and is still subject to prejudice from both gay and straight communities. Fugelsang points out that no open bisexuals serve in national elective office — and never have. “It’s a shame,” he says, “because their stories could inspire countless Americans to not feel shame over who, and how, they love.” – Current

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