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Meet Henry and Adriana Nguyen of Monkish Brewing Co.

An interesting story of a couple that got together in high school, resided in different parts of the world because of military and educational obligations and allowed their travels and journeys to lead them to start a brewery.  Definitely a spontaneous path but it seems to be a key to their recent success.  Check out their Q&A with LA Weekly.

Full Article here.

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MOCA Fires Paul Schimmel, Hires Shepard Fairey for All Future Design Work

LA Weekly reports on some of the newer developments going on at MOCA in regards to who is being laid off, who’s onboard and how Shepard Fairey’s design firm is now spearheading the look of MOCA.  Is this contemporary art scene now the major influence for the art scene in Los Angeles?  What do you think of these developments?  Is art just becoming a hyped fad to be exploited or is this an actual changing of the guard that will push art and it’s cultural representations forward?

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A Fashion Show That Jazzes Up Conservative Clothing for Muslim Women

This is really cool and shows a fusion of traditional values with contemporary style.  Read this article on the young designer/FIDM student Marwa Atik and learn about her process as well as the fashion show that was put on that showcased these pieces.

Full article here.

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Truffle Honey-Laced Fried Chicken at Manhattan Beach Post via LA Weekly

With their upcoming Best of L.A. issue coming up (due Oct. 4) LA Weekly is posting right now 100 of their favorite dishes in Los Angeles.  In no particular order but this one is their 85th entry.  The name alone got our attention so we posted it.  You can get more details on the dish here.  You never really hear of good places for fried chicken (or similar dishes) on this side of town so this might be worth checking out.

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Adam Weiss: A White Guy Who Gets Ratchet..? via LA Weekly

Check out this article by LA Weekly profiling a popular white guy around town who makes his living promoting events that involve rappers that get ignorant, sip codeine, love strip clubs and enjoy oral sex with strangers.  Is he really into this urban culture or do you think he’s exploiting it because it’s trendy?  With him being white is is okay for him to mimic the culture as something lighthearted and amusing?  Read the article and let us know in the comments!

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Deep-Fried Cereal Coming to the L.A. County Fair

I’ve heard of many things receiving the deep fried treatment, but I never thought I’d hear about cereal getting such.  Check out this article on LA Weekly and let us know what you think about it.

Full article here.

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Should Villaraigosa Have Skipped the L.A. Kings Championship Parade

L.A. Weekly doesn’t seem too happy about it if you look here…what are your thoughts?  Was this a missed opportunity to connect with the people of the city?  Let us know.

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Los Angeles Film Festival 2012: 2 Must See Documentaries

These are two films that LA Weekly said were must sees.  In reading the breakdown of the movies they got our attention so we wanted to highlight them here.

1. Call Me Kuchu, directed by Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall, jumps right into the fray of Uganda‘s media- and government-sanctioned homophobia.  There are some very intense stories in this documentary such as a lesbian’s “corrective” rape.

2. Sun Kissed, directed by Maya Stark and Adi Lavy, is about the struggle of Dorey and Yolanda Nez, two Native American parents, to figure out how their children were both afflicted with XP, a rare genetic disorder where any exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and, in some cases, death.

Click here to see a few more details about these documentaries as well as some other recommended documentaries.

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Have You Ever Tried Guilin (China) Noodles? Only Four Places in L.A. Have Them…

Guilin is a city in southern China but because of it’s area and makeup it has its own specialty noodle dish, Guilin rice noodles.  Though Chinese food is everywhere it seems especially in Los Angeles you can only find this particular dish at four restaurants in Los Angeles.  Ironically all four restaurants are owned by the same family.  LA Weekly asked them about it and breaks down the dish a bit here.

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Were Anti-Semitic “Mean Girls” Aided by Mother?

Most people attribute children’s hate for others as something handed down from their parents…and this could very well be a clear case of parent’s pushing such behaviors.  Awhile back three girls from the valley in Los Angeles were reported to have smeared feces on a classmates’ property and cars as well as placing swastikas walkways.  Well in the court case it seems that one of the young girls responsible had help from her mom who allegedly drove them around.  LA Weekly has more of the details here.

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