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The Fall of Blackberry

If you haven’t heard, RIM, the makers of Blackberry are getting set to lay off 5000 employees and have to postpone the launch of their new operating system until next year.  After the announcement was made, iPhone celebrated its 5th birthday the following day.  Oh the irony…

Why do you think blackberry use has declined?

CNN has some other details related to decline of Blackberry here.

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A study brought out some interesting growth numbers with the use of smartphones in China compared to the United States:

When it comes to smartphone activations, the U.S. is no longer the biggest player out there.

Researcher Flurry is reporting that sometime in February, activations for iOS and Android devices in China overtook the U.S. The switch shows some amazing momentum for China if you consider that in January 2011, the U.S. accounted for 28% of the world’s total iOS and Android activations. China claimed just 8% at the time. In March, Flurry projects that China will account for 24% of such activations vs. 21% for the U.S. – Mashable

For more details go here.

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