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Spain win Euro 2012, 4-0 over Italy [VIDEO]

If you weren’t paying attention to the Euro 2012 over the weekend…Spain won the championship convincingly over Italy.  Here is a recap CNN did on the championship game.  The people of Italy weren’t very thrilled about this defeat either.  Who did you expect to win the Euro 2012?

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Ukraine’s Euro 2012 Legacy via CNN [VIDEO]

Interesting to see that the Ukraine didn’t feel as connected to Europe until now.  Broadcaster Savik Shuster says by successfully co-hosting Euro 2012 Ukraine was brought closer to Europe.  Did anyone feel that they weren’t before…and if so why so?

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England vs. Sweden EURO 2012 Match Captured in “Escape to Victory” Film [VIDEO]

ESCAPE TO VICTORY – England vs Sweden in Kiev from Beija Films on Vimeo.

As part of the launch of Paszport!, the football fanzine, Mother and The Rig Out ventured over to Kiev to the England Sweden Game to hand out copies of the magazine and find out what drives thousands of Englishmen to go abroad to watch their team underperform.

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The Color of Hockey presented by MMXLII [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Multicultural fans show up in numbers to celebrate the LA Kings Stanley Cup victory. Kevin our Canadian hockey fanatic serves as our reporter to find out why LA has the most multicultural fan base in the NHL.

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London Firms Get Ready for 2012 Olympic Games Chaos [VIDEO]

There are always chances of disruptions and issues at the Olympics because of history between different countries and it is brought front and center in these sporting competitions, but does it seem like there seems to be more hype this year around the possibilities of some sort of chaos happening in London?

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Urban Skiing in Russia via Nipwitz [VIDEO]

You probably never thought of urban skiing through Russia.  Well Nipwitz takes us on a small adventure to Murmansk Oblast to do just that.  Could this be a new trend for skiing?

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The Road to Success w/ Jennifer Li & Milka Duno [VIDEO]

Take a look at two individuals that have challenged cultural norms to gain their position and have used their achievements and status to inspire others like them as well as the younger generations.

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NBA Player Amar’e Stoudemire in Hot Seat for Anti-Gay Slur on Twitter

Another case of a professional athlete/celebrity making a public offense on social media.  This time it was Amar’e Stoudemire and it was in response to a fan who called out Stoudemire basically wanting him to come back and play better next season.  This obvious New York Knicks fan is also a Stoudemire fan.  With this not being the first time we’ve seen this do you guys think it should be overlooked as part of their personal freedom of speech or should sports leagues, labels etc be put in charge of monitoring these types of accounts?

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Saudi Arabia Finally Allows Women a Chance to Compete in the Olympics this Year [VIDEO]

Dalma Malhas reacts to the news that Saudi Arabia will allow women to compete in Olympics this year.  The downside is that she is injured currently and won’t be able to compete herself…she is believed to be the only show jumper with a chance to place from Saudi Arabia.  Nonetheless it’s interesting to see how some traditional values/outlooks are changing in the world.  What’s next?

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Stair Rover Eight-Wheeled Skateboard by Po-Chih Lai [VIDEO]

In an effort to create a skateboard capable of handling more than the typical city streets, sidewalks and rails, Royal College of Art graduate Po-Chih Lai has crafted the Stair Rover. Sporting modified trucks that house four wheels each as opposed to the usual two, the eight-wheeled Stair Rover is able to traverse flights of stairs with ease due to the pivoting action of the unique design. Captured on film by Juriaan Booij, the Stair Rover is on display now as a part of Show RCA 2012 in London.

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