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Extra: New Yorkers Debate Obamacare [VIDEO]

In this Web exclusive, comedian John Fugelsang hits the streets outside Penn Station to ask New Yorkers what they think of the Affordable Care Act — aka, Obamacare — and what they know about the Supreme Court.Current TV

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President Obama Calls the Health Care Ruling a Victory for the People [VIDEO]

This was a huge splash in the news this morning as Obama announced the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obama’s health care reform.  This is a quick clip as the U.S. President calls this a huge victory for the people…you can search anywhere on the web today to find more details about this.  There are just as many people against this ruling as there are supporters so the news is everywhere.  Make sure to find out what’s happening with this.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the reform, good or bad.

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Barbecue Digest: Don’t whitewash BBQ + CUT/CHOP/COOK [VIDEO]

CUT/CHOP/COOK from UM Media Documentary Projects on Vimeo.

While stumbling across this article we came across this video/short film profiling a popular family business in South Carolina.  The film was funded by Southern Foodways Alliance aka SFA.  SFA’s oral traditions and film initiatives aim to highlight the contributions from African-Americans to the BBQ industry.  As the writer in the CNN, Eatocracy article points out that many outlets like the Food Network tend to omit these contributions.

What is your favorite barbecue restaurant?  What type? Chicago, Kansas City, Carolina or Memphis style?  Who makes it?

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15 Great Peruvian Restaurants in Los Angeles via LA Weekly

Because one of the team member’s had Peruvian food today it almost seemed like a sign when we came across this article.  Ironically the two favorite Peruvian restaurants in the office didn’t even make the top 5.  This showed us two things: LA Weekly has NO idea what they’re talking about OR we need to check out some other places soon.

Full article here.

Truffle Honey-Laced Fried Chicken at Manhattan Beach Post via LA Weekly

With their upcoming Best of L.A. issue coming up (due Oct. 4) LA Weekly is posting right now 100 of their favorite dishes in Los Angeles.  In no particular order but this one is their 85th entry.  The name alone got our attention so we posted it.  You can get more details on the dish here.  You never really hear of good places for fried chicken (or similar dishes) on this side of town so this might be worth checking out.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in NYC: Munchies [VIDEO]

Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations takes us on a brass-knuckled culinary tour of New York. He starts us off with amazing cured meats and cheese at Salumeria Rosi before heading to the distinguished Wakamba cocktail lounge. After a few beers to cleanse the palate, we end the night with one of the best pieces of meat we’ve ever had at Bourdain’s old base of operations, Brasserie Les Halles.VICE

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Deep-Fried Cereal Coming to the L.A. County Fair

I’ve heard of many things receiving the deep fried treatment, but I never thought I’d hear about cereal getting such.  Check out this article on LA Weekly and let us know what you think about it.

Full article here.

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Freemans Sporting Club & Sunday / Paper present “Mission Chinese” [VIDEO]

Have you ever thought of applying those action sport cinematic effects they use for the super slow motion with something that’s not so fast paced?  Well they did for this video as the storyline is centered around a cook in the kitchen at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Some out of the box thinking…check it out.  It’s seven minutes so make sure you have the time to watch it, you don’t want to miss anything.

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Orange Lobsters in Massachusetts? [VIDEO]

There are a few wild things in this clip, but honestly the off-colored lobster is what caught our attention…

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Author Vanity Wonder, Talks About Having Over 1000 Butt Surgeries [VIDEO]

We were becoming aware of this growing trend and CNN posted a quick segment on the topic earlier today.  Author Vanity Wonder, of Shot Girls, sits to discuss it a bit with Dr. Drew.  Check it out.

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