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American Kids’ Education Hurt When Parents Are Deported [VIDEO]

Very interesting to see how immigrant’s lives affect their children who are citizens and their ability to pursue a quality education so they can actually contribute to society.  Check out this video we came across on CNN about how immigrants that are leaving due to the economy have to take their children back with them.

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The Fall of Blackberry

If you haven’t heard, RIM, the makers of Blackberry are getting set to lay off 5000 employees and have to postpone the launch of their new operating system until next year.  After the announcement was made, iPhone celebrated its 5th birthday the following day.  Oh the irony…

Why do you think blackberry use has declined?

CNN has some other details related to decline of Blackberry here.

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Meet Henry and Adriana Nguyen of Monkish Brewing Co.

An interesting story of a couple that got together in high school, resided in different parts of the world because of military and educational obligations and allowed their travels and journeys to lead them to start a brewery.  Definitely a spontaneous path but it seems to be a key to their recent success.  Check out their Q&A with LA Weekly.

Full Article here.

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Sofitel Inspired by Its French Origins [VIDEO]

Sofitel CEO Robert Gaymer-Jones talks to CNN’s Max Foster about the company’s new labels and French origins.CNN

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ABSOLUT PUNCH with Little Dragon – Sunshine [MUSIC VIDEO]
ABSOLUT Punch – world premiere of multi-dimensional cocktail experiences from ABSOLUT, featuring new music by Little Dragon.

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How Will the Eurozone Debt Crisis Affect Other Countries? [VIDEO]

As the local economies and industries look more and more into ways to expand globally it’s also very important to monitor how some of these global economies are changing both positive and negative.  For example this video via CNN discusses the eurozone debt and how other countries could be affected.

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The Road to Success w/ Jennifer Li & Milka Duno [VIDEO]

Take a look at two individuals that have challenged cultural norms to gain their position and have used their achievements and status to inspire others like them as well as the younger generations.

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Kenya’s Luxury Housing Boom via CNN [VIDEO]

Even with this growth in the country will it actually attract foreign investors and clientele here with the local ecomomies and peace still in limbo?  What does this say about Kenya’s concentration on business? Local vs International?  Do you guys think this will work?

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Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Store Preview

We’ve shown you the pieces and the phone app from this collaboration and now the two have released a preview sketch of their pop-up store.  They are looking to open these pop-ups in New York City, Pacific Place in Hong Kong, Ngee Ann City in Singapore, Isetan’s Shinjuku branch in Tokyo, the Dover Street Market in Ginza, Printemps in Paris and Selfridges in London.  The first will open in New York on July 10th.  This will also coincide with both the Infinitely Kusama collaborative line as well as the artist’s gallery opening at the Whitney Museum.  On July 8th, Kusama’s touring retrospective will be unveiled.

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Adam Weiss: A White Guy Who Gets Ratchet..? via LA Weekly

Check out this article by LA Weekly profiling a popular white guy around town who makes his living promoting events that involve rappers that get ignorant, sip codeine, love strip clubs and enjoy oral sex with strangers.  Is he really into this urban culture or do you think he’s exploiting it because it’s trendy?  With him being white is is okay for him to mimic the culture as something lighthearted and amusing?  Read the article and let us know in the comments!

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