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American Kids’ Education Hurt When Parents Are Deported [VIDEO]

Very interesting to see how immigrant’s lives affect their children who are citizens and their ability to pursue a quality education so they can actually contribute to society.  Check out this video we came across on CNN about how immigrants that are leaving due to the economy have to take their children back with them.

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Spain win Euro 2012, 4-0 over Italy [VIDEO]

If you weren’t paying attention to the Euro 2012 over the weekend…Spain won the championship convincingly over Italy.  Here is a recap CNN did on the championship game.  The people of Italy weren’t very thrilled about this defeat either.  Who did you expect to win the Euro 2012?

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Ukraine’s Euro 2012 Legacy via CNN [VIDEO]

Interesting to see that the Ukraine didn’t feel as connected to Europe until now.  Broadcaster Savik Shuster says by successfully co-hosting Euro 2012 Ukraine was brought closer to Europe.  Did anyone feel that they weren’t before…and if so why so?

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Renegade Jewish Settlers in Palestine Part 1/5 [VIDEO]

If you know anything about the history between these two groups then you know this is pretty intense information.  More details below.

Jewish settlers in Palestine: the most notorious squatters in the world.

Israeli settlers have been slowly nibbling away at Palestine’s West Bank territory for four decades. 300,000 setllers now occupy outposts that range in size from plywood shacks to full-blown suburban housing complexes. Their abundance has grounded the much-ballyhooed two-state solution to a halt. VICE correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels from Tel Aviv to the remote West Bank outposts where young Israelis squat for the sake of their heritage. But first, Simon pops in for some quick counter-terrorism training with a member of Israel’s Special Forces, just in case.VICE

If you want to see the other four parts head here.

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MMXLII Baby of the Week [6.29.2012]

Briana: African-American [mom] + Dominican [dad]

Remember you can vote for our MMXLII Baby of the week by visiting our Pinterest board and liking, commenting or just repinning one of our MMXLII Babies.  The pin with the most activity will be chosen as our MMXLII Baby of the Week every Friday.

The Fall of Blackberry

If you haven’t heard, RIM, the makers of Blackberry are getting set to lay off 5000 employees and have to postpone the launch of their new operating system until next year.  After the announcement was made, iPhone celebrated its 5th birthday the following day.  Oh the irony…

Why do you think blackberry use has declined?

CNN has some other details related to decline of Blackberry here.

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Meet Henry and Adriana Nguyen of Monkish Brewing Co.

An interesting story of a couple that got together in high school, resided in different parts of the world because of military and educational obligations and allowed their travels and journeys to lead them to start a brewery.  Definitely a spontaneous path but it seems to be a key to their recent success.  Check out their Q&A with LA Weekly.

Full Article here.

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Extra: ‘We Act Like 7-Year-olds Any Time Race is Involved’: Elon James White Talks Race and Comedy [VIDEO]

In this “Viewpoint” Web exclusive, comedian Elon James White, host of “Blacking it Up!” on TWIB.FM, and comedian John Fugelsang discuss how societal pressure to be politically correct impacts comedy, especially in terms of race.Current

We discussed this topic with Lil Duval, our video will be coming next week.  Stay tuned, but in the mean time let us know what you think about racially based comedy in the comments section.

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Issa Rae featured on [Inside] Cover of Essence Magazine

We’ve posted some things about Awkward Black Girl, and this month the creator Issa Rae graces the inside cover of Essence magazine.  Some of her fans thought it was the cover and the internets went into a frenzy, but Issa made sure everyone knew it was the inside cover.  Make sure to check out Awkward Black Girl’s second season now featured on i am OTHER.

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