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Extra: ‘We Act Like 7-Year-olds Any Time Race is Involved’: Elon James White Talks Race and Comedy [VIDEO]

In this “Viewpoint” Web exclusive, comedian Elon James White, host of “Blacking it Up!” on TWIB.FM, and comedian John Fugelsang discuss how societal pressure to be politically correct impacts comedy, especially in terms of race.Current

We discussed this topic with Lil Duval, our video will be coming next week.  Stay tuned, but in the mean time let us know what you think about racially based comedy in the comments section.

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Issa Rae featured on [Inside] Cover of Essence Magazine

We’ve posted some things about Awkward Black Girl, and this month the creator Issa Rae graces the inside cover of Essence magazine.  Some of her fans thought it was the cover and the internets went into a frenzy, but Issa made sure everyone knew it was the inside cover.  Make sure to check out Awkward Black Girl’s second season now featured on i am OTHER.

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Euro 2012 Dents European Box Office via CNN [VIDEO]

With the Euro 2012 going on it seems the TV ratings are up BUT the blockbuster summer movies are being affected.  Could it be because these competitions are more representative of the country and its pride compared to nations like the U.S. where many of the sporting events are treated like past times like a movie or concert?

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HB TV: Liberatum Hong Kong – Stories on Screen [VIDEO]

One of the notable panels that took shape at this year’s Liberatum 2012 Hong Kong International Festival of Culture was a highly informative discussion between Nansun Shi, Paul Schrader, Daniel Wu and Mike Figgis. Each heavily rooted within the film industry in their own right, the “Stories on Screen” panel welcomed an open dialogue to discuss the current status of the film industry, the future of Hollywood as well as China’s rising middle-class and the increased accessibility of the country’s access to film and theaters. Revisiting the discussion between the four keynote speakers that took place during the weekend culture event, the discussion not only offers insight into each individual’s personal experience within the industry but also a welcome ebb-and-flow of comparing and contrasting worldviews.HypeBeast TV

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Spot Life: RIDE Channel Visits Thrasher Magazine [VIDEO]

Our travels have started back up again now that summer is here. Schaefer was at the Grand Opening of Woodward Tahoe, where Tony Hawk, Slash, Riley Hawk, and Clive Dixon were ripping the new facility after arriving on private jets. Before that, a quick stop in San Francisco was made where he takes you on a tour of the Thrasher Magazine offices with Tony Vitello and Jake Phelps. There’s also a Digital Product Toss courtesy of Thrasher in there. Leave a comment with your answer to Schaefer’s question and you could come up on a nice Thrasher box. – RIDE Channel

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Sigur Rós f/ Shia LeBeouf – Fjögur Píanó [VIDEO]

Besides Shia LaBeouf being in it, all we can tell you is what they did…

Fjögur píanó by Alma Har’el
Taken from the “valtari mystery film experiment” – more details:

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Freemans Sporting Club & Sunday / Paper present “Mission Chinese” [VIDEO]

Have you ever thought of applying those action sport cinematic effects they use for the super slow motion with something that’s not so fast paced?  Well they did for this video as the storyline is centered around a cook in the kitchen at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Some out of the box thinking…check it out.  It’s seven minutes so make sure you have the time to watch it, you don’t want to miss anything.

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The Dark Knight Rises | Trailer 4 via Nokia [VIDEO]

A fourth trailer for the highly anticipated movie…this one is exclusive to Nokia.  Take a look.

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This is really cool visual, check it out.

NOWNESS presents Lisa Paclet’s short featuring DJ Misty Rabbit for the Mercedes-Benz and Luisa Via Roma Film Festival at Firenze4Ever.

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Awkward Black Girl – The Sleepover Season 2, Ep. 1 [VIDEO]

Here is the first episode of the second season of “Awkward Black Girl” which is now under the i am OTHER umbrella.  The first episode deals with interracial relationships, homophobia and more.  This is pretty hilarious so when you have a second check it out.

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